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I start pharmacy school in the fall at UC. What I did for the PCAT was to study about 4 hours or so a day for a week leading up to the test. I went through and read all of the Kaplan lessons on the subjects and then took as many timed tests as possible. The main thing on the test comes down to speed. Try and force yourself to take the practice test in test-like conditions. I have always been very fast at taking exams and finished the math section on the practice test in half the time. However, on the real exam I had to fill in the last few answers without looking at the questions! I still scored a composite 90 on the test.

Also, keep in my mind that in my experience there are 3 major factors involved in getting in to pharmacy school. You can be deficient in one if you excel in another. A PCAT score in the 90s helps offset a low GPA and good extra curricular(s). Work experience doesn't hurt either. On the other side, let's say you aren't a great test taker, but you have always been a very good student. A high GPA can make up for a PCAT score in the 60s.
First off, congrats on being accepted to UC's College of Pharmacy. My cousin graduated from there in 2004, and through volunteering at a local hospital I've gotten to know a few pharmacists that have graduated from there as well. They've all had nothing but good things to say, and that's a big reason I'll be applying there later this year as well.

Secondly, again, congrats on the excellent PCAT score. A 90 while only studying the week before the exam is rather impressive. A couple girls in my Orgo class (who were fairly bright) had taken the PCAT, and didn't even sniff a 90 on any section, much less a composite 90.

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The MCAT is an entirely different beast. I HIGHLY recommend putting considerably more time into studying for it. The MCAT has more in-depth questions. The PCAT is taken, on average, by a student with 1.5 years of college. It is designed that way. O-Chem is likely the only thing that a Pre-pharm student won't be entirely familiar with. The MCAT is targeted at students in their Senior year of college. Don't take the MCAT as lightly as the PCAT. Also, if you are prepared for the MCAT the PCAT should be a breeze.
Yep, that's actually the entire reason as to why I'm taking the MCAT. It's the same logic I use when I want to improve rapidly at sports. If you play soccer (or basketball, or football, whatever) against a bunch of really good players, when you go back to lesser competition it makes it seem that much easier. Not only is the MCAT much more in-depth, but it requires superior critical thinking and analytical skills. Amongst others, I think this will really pay off in the reading comprehension passages on the PCAT. I just did a practice section on the RC for the PCAT tonight, and the passages/questions were a cake walk compared to those on MCAT practice tests.

However, I guess I misspoke a little earlier as to my reasons for taking the MCAT. While it is mainly as preparation for the PCAT, I also plan on using it as a tool to help me decide my career path. You see, I've long wanted to get into medicine, but took a slight detour my first go-through of college (by slight detour, I mean driving 1/5 of the way of the country in the wrong direction). I told myself if I can score well enough on the MCAT (i.e., a 36 or above), I'd change course from pharmacy and pursue medicine. I didn't really think that score was attainable -- especially given the fact that I haven't come close to completing physics -- but on my last practice test I was able to notch a 35. I suppose we'll see how things go in about 6 days.

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Finally, don't stress out too much if your first scores aren't amazing. UC's average accepted PCAT score was like 68 a few years ago. Not sure of the stats of my incoming class. Just bolster your application as much as possible with strong work history and/or volunteering.
Yeah, average PCAT for UC is right around a 70. Without trying to sound too arrogant, I plan on scoring well above that. IMO, anything less than a 90 will be a disappointment. Gotta make up for the meh GPA.


And oneupper, a 750 on GRE math is an awesome score. Add in the fact you went in cold, and that number is downright ridiculous. Sounds like your daughter is pretty smart herself, though using my MCAT deduction skills, I think I can figure out where she gets it from.