Here's a team that might matchup well with me:

C: Benito Santiago
1B: Todd Helton
2B: Eric Young
SS: Jose Hernandez
3B: David Bell
OF: Vlad Guerrero
OF: Bobby Abreu
OF: Ichiro Suzuki
UTIL: Larry Walker
UTIL: Cliff Floyd
UTIL: Ellis Burks
Bench: Phil Nevin (ouch)
Bench: Reggie Sanders

SP: Greg Maddux
SP: Tom Glavine
SP: Randy Wolf
SP: Al Leiter
SP: Woody Williams
P: Elmer Dessens

I could trade Varitek, Vazquez, Lee, and Alfonzo and get Santiago, Wolf and ? in the OF. He's got so much depth there I might be able to get Walker or Ichiro, but definately Cliff Floyd.

Would you do Varitek, Schmidt, Lee and Alfonzo for Santiago, Wolf and Abreu? I think I would. If I could get Palmeiro for Vazquez, and then turn around and do this deal, I might be on to something. That would leave my roster at:

C: Santiago
1B: Palmeiro
2B: Durham
3B: A. Ramirez
SS: Garciaparra
OF: Giles
OF: S. Green
OF: Abreu
UTIL: F. Thomas
UTIL: Klesko
UTIL: Huff
Bench: Cruz

SP: R. Johnson
SP: M. Prior
SP: R. Wolf
SP: R. Ortiz
SP: Lilly
RP: Guardado
RP: Foulke
P: Benson
P: Jimenez
Bench: open (K. Rogers, Mays, Dreifort, J. Patterson, Lidle)

Offense is definately improved, but is the pitching as good, or good enough?