Like Jesse, I'm out.

Still some great scenes and great acting, but just too outlandish of a plot with too many plot holes.

It was explained to me after previous episodes that the plot holes were due to Walt's insanity. So when did Mike go insane? No way that a guy who vets a crew for a living would hire such an incompetent boob as a lawyer, a lawyer who would flip on him and everyone the second he's caught. Plus no way Mike would call Saul to help him get his escape bag, or let Walt be the one that gets it for him. Mike just ain't that sloppy. and there's too many more to mention.

I said before that it was slowly becoming a Telemundo Telenovela... Well it's full on novela now. I'll keep TiVo'ing it just in case, but I just don't care what happens to the characters anymore, and have no desire to watch it.