I just got caught up. I thought the last movie was by far the best.

It should be noted that I had never read any of the books. In fact, until 2007, I'd never even seen any of the movies. I dismissed the Harry Potter series as being 'for teenagers' so to speak. At the urging of a friend, I watched the first four and then shortly after went and saw the Order of the Phoenix in theaters when it came out. I was pretty into the series, though I didn't see the Half-Blood Prince when it came out in 2009.

So finally in preparation for this final movie, I went back and started from scratch and then watched Half-Blood Prince and these last two Deathly Hallows movies. I truly believe it's more than just a kids' series after seeing the entire series on film. It seems much more pseudo intellectual storylines than just being for kids.

I'll probably wind up reading the books, but I was impressed with the movies despite my low expectations. I really thought the last hour of this last one was very powerful, though I agree with being underwhelmed on the epilogue.