No its not a thread about 80s hair band White Snake. It's everyone's favorite yearly thread about College Football Armageddon via super conference. According to a couple sites that I visit Oklahoma is close to launching a Sooner television network, Texas broke their promise to not let the network have sole access to any Big 12 conference games, and Texas A&M is ticked off.

Texas A&M has (reportedly) gone back to negotiating with SEC. The rumors are SEC would look at going to 14 or 16. If 14 then the short list being rumored is WVU and Clemson for the other spot. If 16 they would want Oklahoma for the west and then two of WVU, Clemson, Va Tech, Georgia Tech, Miami, FSU.

Take it for what its worth. As a WVU fan the SEC is probably the best fit should we leave the Big East. 1) Similar college town, 2) Better football, 3) Most stable of all the "eastern conferences".

Some rumor are ACC has also been sending out feelers but... honestly they're trying to prevent the same thing the Big East is and thats Oblivion. If/When the Big 10 expands again the only reason they look at the Big East is to get Notre Dame, they couldn't care less about the rest. This leaves them with options of Maryland, Virginia, Missouri as the "diamonds". If the ACC were to lose a couple schools they quickly get torn apart and lose a lot of their tv marketability.