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My guess is that it's not quite as hopeless for the leftovers as some may think. What I believe you'll have leftover (Kansas, Kansas St., Iowa St., Baylor, TCU, Cincinnati, Louisville, S. Florida and whichever of Missouri/West Virginia doesn't get the SEC slot) is clearly the #5 conference, but still a step up from the Mountain West and the rest. More importantly, the Big 4 would toss it a bone and give it a BCS slot. It's worth it in order to keep the Baylors of the world from launching a flurry of lawsuits and stalling the realignment in court for years. It's still going to open up additional BCS slots for Big 4 teams. The Big 12 and Big East typically would combine for three BCS bids a year. This Big 12/Big East mashup would get one, which gives two additional spots to the Big 4 conferences. It's simply in their best interests to grease the squeaky Baylor wheel and give that conference a bid so that they can grab the two extra bids for themselves.
Geographically this kinda makes sense, more sense than TCU in the Big East. The problem I see with this conference is that they have little to no leverage to stay a part of the BCS. When the BCS originally formed the Big East had Miami as well as Virginia Tech. If this conference forms with those teams where is the leverage? What program stands out as a legit program? What program screams big time college football can't do without? The teams look a lot like the Mountain West a few years ago with TCU, Utah, and BYU were all nationally relevant.

A big winner of all this may be Xavier. I could see the Big East basketball splitting off and poaching Xavier and maybe Dayton from the A10.