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I really cannot believe that schools like FSU and Clemson are linking themselves to the fifth best conference when they know what their direct competitors are going to be able to make in B1G, SEC, and to a lesser extent Big 12 and PAC. They have already (arguably) sold everything they've got and are scheduled to make at least 7-8 mil less than Big 12 (and that doesn't even include Big 12 Tier 3, which is an additional revenue stream). They are pretty much locking themselves in to a ship made of deadwood that is barely sea worthy.
I know a lot of FSU fans are disappointed, and while I was lukewarm on a jump to the Big 12, I was hoping there was some fire behind the smoke of FSU and the B1G talking. Still... if/when the ACC Network gets going (and there's no reason it shouldn't succeed what with the league's demographic footprint), they shouldn't be any worse off financially than the Big 12.

But mostly, FSU and Clemson were stuck. By most reports, the Big 12 wasn't going to invite them unless the ACC broke apart, which wasn't going to happen unless the B1G and SEC raided the ACC first. The linchpin was the B1G and in the end, the schools they wanted didn't want to leave the ACC.