I am a believer in this offense and am against trading for a bat but rather an ACE.

Some of the hitting woes are just a matter of variance and timliness.

But whatever i think the problem is the batting order.

The reds use many lineups but for simplicity:

Against LHP and hanigan cathching:

1. Hanigan (he is our best OBP guy besides votto) Makes sense to be at the top.

2. Cozart (hes getting hits and on base and he is protected by votto to take pressure of deiving in runs early in his career)

3. Bruce --> this maybe controversial but bruce cant protect votto so let votto protect bruce.

4. Votto

5. Philips

6. Stubbs

7. Heisey

8. Rolen/Cairo

9. Pitcher

Lineup #2

Vs RHP Hernandez Cathing

1. Lewis (.340 OBP)
2. Cozart
3. Bruce
4. Votto
5. Phillips
6. Ramon
7. Stubbs
8. Rolen/Cairo