This is the player I'd most like to see the res target. I think depending on what you give up you may get the mets to take oon some of the salary. Here is wwhy I think the Reds should do it.

The reds don't have a a third baseman or a cleanup hitter. I see Todd frazier as having most value as a utility player. Cairo is getting long in the tooth and I see frazier taking over his role. Juan fransisco is just to inconsistant at the plate. I see another edwin encarnacion. So all of this is why I'm hoping the reds can trade for david wright. He'd be a little bit of a risk since he's had a rough year and he makes a salary in the mid teens, but he's still young 28 he's a proven all-star at the plate and in the field and the reds would controll him for two years with a team option for a third. I think wright would be revitalized in a new town not to mention a smaller market wwith less media scrutiny playing in a division up for grabs. He's been on a team which for most of his career it was done before they started.