Since the Reds demoted Volquez and Wood, the starting pitching has been good. Cueto, Bailey, Leake all are pitching very well. Willis seems fine (if not better) for a fifth starter. Arroyo is still struggling but his contract really would be tough to trade - he is probably here for the duration.

I know, if you can get Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee, you do it.

But should the Reds be focused on more starting pitching at this point? Will guys like Ubaldo Jiminez really help that much pitching in a GABP environment? Are the Reds better off trading for hitters, and beefing up the offense particularly against righty hurlers?

Walt has to face this in the next few days.

If I had to choose at this point, I think I would go for adding offense against RHP. But it's a tough call.