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This is only partially true. There is still a dirty little secret that gets very little publicity about money some NFL franchises generate for various reasons that is off-the-books for salary cap purposes, but is still used to lure free agents. The funny part of it is that two orgs., Washington and Dallas, that I know of who have these types of resources are struggling to field a playoff team, while two teams in "small" markets, such as Buffalo and Cincinnati, figure out how to field playoff teams in this environment. The only press this issue got that I've seen was when Brown and Ralph Wilson got out of step with the ownership cartel and started talking about this issue and voted against something a few years ago.

But so many Bengals fans can't let go of the pre-Marvin Bengals that they can't see that this franchise is no more dysfunctional than all but a few NFL orgs.
I think with each additional coach Mike loses some power and the coach gains some. I think you saw Marvin get quite a bit more power this past off season when he inked a new deal than he had before. I don't particullary think Marvin is a great coach, however I do think he is a NFL caliber head coach. I really think there are precious few front offices that set themselves apart from the rest. Other than those organizations (Steelers and Pats come to mind) the rest of the teams success is based upon good fortune and luck in landing a franchise QB. I look at the Colts this season and realize how valuable Manning is to that organization.

I wish Mike Brown were't the owner of the Begals. I think he has been the laughingstock of the league for the better half of two decades. But I also think that since the arrival of Marvin they havn't had those head scratching moves.