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I think the lopsided rule is dumb, but that's a NFL union question.

As another poster pointed out, Carson quit on the fanbase, which is harder to forgive. A player quitting on his team is never a good thing. Some of us are just tired of diva sports players. Maybe I'm old school, but how many players quit on their teams in the 60s or 70s the way that Carson did on the Bengals?

But moreover, if Carson kept his word and filed his retirement papers, I think you'd hear less people up in arms.
I agree that the inequality is a union issue. However, Carson isn't playing for the fans. He's playing for himself and his team. He doesn't owe the fans anything. While the fans are responsible for paychecks, nonetheless we should not be so entitled to think the players owe us. We buy tickets and watch because we enjoy it and because we want to... not because they owe us anything.