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I'm pretty optimistic about the Bengals even after yesterday's loss. I thought they got beaten down pretty bad in the 1st half and were lucky to only be down 7, but they came out and played another solid 2nd half. I'm not used to halftime adjustments.

There were a few key plays that went the Steelers way that dictated the outcome. That stuff happens. I could see the Bengals winning their next game against them.

A couple of concerns are obviously Hall and Green. I think and hope Green will be ok soon. But, losing Hall, even though he stunk something fierce yesterday, will be a big blow. Hopefully, Adam "Don't call me Pacman" Jones can fill in without getting injured again.

Next week, I look forward to the Bengals bouncing back and beating the Ravens. That'd be great.
If it makes sense, I'm more optimistic about the team's ability but less optimistic about the team's short term playoff chances.

If we accept the top 4 of the AFC are in some order; Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England, and Houston. The Bengals are essentially in a race with the Steelers, Ravens, Jets and Bills for three spots.

Of those teams, the Jets are done with their games against the top four, the Ravens and Steelers play the Bengals and no one else. The Steelers have 2 "tough" games left, Bengals and Niners. The Ravens have three tough games left, Bengals *2 and Niners, the Jets have 0 games against the top of the conference as the toughest opponents left are Philly?, the Giants, and hosting Buffalo, and the Bengals still have 4 games against the top teams in the conference.

This isn't saying the Bengals can't beat these teams, but even if they're as good as the opponents, they'll still probably be 2-2 in that stretch. If I were a betting man, I'd say the AFC playoffs are likely to be New England, Houston, Pittsburgh/Baltimore, Oakland, Baltimore/Pittsburgh, and the Jets once again coming in as the 6th seed.

I hope they prove me wrong.