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Looking at the standings, 10 wins will get the Bengals in the playoffs. The Jets and Bills each have 5 wins and play each other again. I don't see either of these teams going 5-1 the rest of the way. Tennessee would have to go 5-1 as well. That's not happening.

That being the case, the Bengals will get in if they win 4 more games. If they beat Cleveland, Arizona, and St. Louis like they should they would then only have to win one game against Pitt, Baltimore twice, and Houston. They can do that especially with 2 of those at home.

There are two huge keys to the Bengals success the rest of the way: AJ Green and Adam Jones. If Green's injury lingers, that will be a devastating blow to the offense. Their offense will turn to molasses without him. Second, Adam Jones is pretty good if he can get on and stay on the field. If healthy, they won't miss Leon Hall a ton. If not, this could also be devastating. It kind of stinks these two injuries are not only great players, but also at the Bengals thinnest positions.
Never, ever, ever, ever count on wins in the NFL. How many times have good Bengals teams (oxymoron) lost to bad Bills teams? Or how about good Bengals teams losing to bad Denver teams? Look at this season Seattle knocks of the Giants in NY and then knocks off Baltimore at home. Or how about the damn Cardinals knocking me out of my king of the hill pool by beating the Eagles. If you don't come prepared you can and will lose football games.

When you look at the remaining schedule you would have to say that the Bengals will be the more talented team than the Browns, Cardinals, and St. Louis. As the season goes along a lot of teams start to loose motivation when they are down and out.

I am also going to say this and will probably eat my words, but I am not sold on the Ravens as a definite playoff team. A lot will be shown next Sunday in Baltimore but I have never bought Joe Flacco. In a one game scenario I think that defense can be amongst the best in the game. I think as this season has shown that lack consistency to be a lock. Ray Rice is dangerous but at times the teams goes away from him. Baltimore is the place were WR's go to die, don't know why, but most WR's in Baltimore aren't what they were in their previous location.

The key as the season goes along is injuries. The injury to Schaub brought the Titans back into the race. Ben goes down and the Steelers are in trouble. The same can be said about almost every team in the NFL. One injury and a team's season is in serious peril.