Quick trivia question... Name 2 national league teams that did not make the playoffs during the 80's?

Answer: pirates & reds. That's right... A reds team with soto, Davis, Larkin and a lot of other talent never made the playoffs until the pirates also made it back. In the 83 strike season, the reds pulled off the most amazing team feat in history... Having the best record in baseball and yet still no playoffs.

The interesting thing is that both teams made the playoffs in 1979 & 1990.
Maybe we are kharmicly linked?

Maybe the pirates need to be good for us to reach the summit? Maybe that is what it will take to overcome the al leiters and Roy Haladays of the world and bring about a postseason victory.

Maybe something happened during that 1979 "We are family" season from the pirates that affected us?

Just food for thought.