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Actually, now that I think about it Doug, Yonder has put up a few impressive ABs with the Reds already in his short stint this year. He worked a walk the other night after being down in the count where he fouled off a few good pitches. It's just that he swings so damn hard (which I love) that at times it looks like he doesn't have good plate discipline because he goes flailing. But I see what you're saying and it's easy for me to believe that, overall, Yonder does have good plate discipline.
Discipline is exactly what you're seeing. Discipline doesn't mean walking. It means waiting for what you think is your pitch, and swinging aggressively at it. Won't always hit it, and when you do hit it, it is sometimes going to wind up an out. But you still have to take that hard, aggressive swing every time you get your pitch.

What you can't do is what a player like Juan Fransisco does, which is swing wildly, without having first selected the pitch.