92 wins and another division crown. Arroyo comes back faster than expected. Volquez will have his best season yet and finish top 5 in the Cy Young. Cueto will be out of action most of the year, and Bailey will never put it together. But Wood should be effective, and I think either LeCure or Maloney will have a breakout season and make up for the lack of Cueto and Bailey. That is just my guess as to how the rotation will fare, but it shows that the Reds have so much depth that even if 2-3 of their potential starters aren't a factor this year, they can still have a good rotation.

The offense is solid and the defense should be great again. So why not predict the Reds to repeat as division champs? The only reasons I see are Rolen's potential decline, and the ???'s in the starting rotaton. But I think the Reds have depth in those areas. They also have the MVP Votto as well as potential breakthrough players like Bruce, Stubbs, Chapman, Wood and a bunch of guys in AAA.