2011 has been a great year for Topps baseball cards. In my opinion it is the best year I have ever experienced as a collector. Topps series one and two are what you would expect, good clean base card set, lots of inserts, but not a lot of money cards. I think this is a great year for bowman. Bryce Harper has been this years Strasburg. He alone makes this set worth collecting. But so far this years big winner for me has been Bowman Platinum. The cards are greatly improved, and have always offered a great bang for your buck. This years disappointment has to be Allen and Ginter. I love the stable of autograph subjects, but if I pull one more John Danks or Ian Kinsler relic card I am going to hurt someone. I have yet to break a triple threads box (my favorite) and Sterling hasn't arrived as of yet, but even without these two juggernauts this is shaping up to be a great year as a collector. I am interested to hear about you opinions as well as hearing about some of the hits you have pulled.