Last offseason, the Reds thought they had a guy who could hold down shortstop in Janish. But they weren't real sure about it, thus the veteran insurance of Renteria. (And, of course, there were plenty of people here on RedsZone who had serious doubts about either, or both.) In the event, neither of them could hit water falling out of a boat, thus the clamor for Cozart. Cozart came up and looked decent in what unfortunately turned out to be a limited sample.

So, as the outlook turns to the 2012 Reds, what is your comfort level with Cozart? Are you okay with counting on him as the starter, or do you still consider it a priority for the Reds to upgrade with a proven guy from the outside? (By proven, I don't mean "proven, but he isn't that guy anymore" e.g. Renteria, I mean a guy who's still a viable regular.) In other words, without the benefit of hindsight, are you more likely to:

1) Criticize the acquisition of a shortstop because it'll take up payroll that could have gone somewhere else, since we have a cheap alternative on hand that looks like he can do the job; or

2) Criticize the organization for not acquiring a shortstop because you don't believe Cozart is the answer and we'll be right back where we were this year?