I just wanted to make a post about this because just last night it sunk in how important baseball was concerning the relationship I had with my father. I am guilty of watching games throughout this frustrating season, and saying things like it doesn't matter anymore, if they don't resign Votto i'm done with them, etc. While Im not trying to downplay the importance of winning, I'm just saying that I realized last night there is a lot more to the game than just that. My dad who posted sometimes around here as "roby" passed away last night completely unexpectedly from a heart attack. We found him in the restroom not breathing, and it was too late. It still feels surreal and hasn't sunk it because he seemed fine just a couple hours before that. We watched the Reds game together last night, as we did almost every night and watched them belt 7 HR's, and play a great game for a change this season. Even at the time, I was saying things like its too little too late, I wish they could've played like this sooner, etc. Looking back on it now though, I will remember it as the last game we ever got to watch together. In looking back on memories of childhood and things that we did together, almost all of them revolve around baseball. Whether it was him teaching me how to play, or going to games together or just watching them on tv. My point is, it was a huge part of our relationship. It's not just a game, its what we talked about all the time, and what we did together in our spare time for recreation. I guess what i'm trying to say is some things that I've said like being done with the Reds if they let Votto go aren't really true I guess, because its more than that to some degree. It was us sharing the Reds together, and talking and even sometimes arguing about the game lol. I just wanted to throw this out there during this frustrating season that we've been watching this year, there is more to it than just making the postseason, and I understand that now than I ever did before.