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I'm not sure how you can spin this into a good thing for Miami. It starts to validate the story. The NCAA can't penalize 72 players because many of them aren't in school anymore. So they punished the 8 they could prove or admitted to wrong doing.

Of course they were paid. Out of these 8 players suspended, there was a total of $4,000 in benefits provided not including 4 players who were given less than $100 who were not suspended and are allowed to pay the money back.

The NCAA has been investigating this for 5 months. It's not like they just started. What basically happened is that the administration and coaches knew about the guy, but they couldn't keep him away from the kids in public. Randy Shannon banned this guy from practice and warned them multiple times to stay away from him.

The only bad part to come from this story is that Jacory harris was only suspended one game.