I haven't heard much about this. Ususally by this time of year, don't we already know who the Reds might be sending? On the positon player side, Gregorious, H-Rod, Soto and Grandal would seem to be logical choices (but I'm not sure if they are eligible). On the pitching side, Matt Fairel could probably use the work and it might be a good time to get a look at Christopher Manno against some better competition. It might be a good challenge for Daniel Renken if he can handle the innings.

I seem to remember something about players who are eligible to play winter ball not being eligible to play in the AFL. Is that correct? If So, H-Rod and Soto may not be eligible. Also, the AFL is mostly a AA league IIRC and only one per organization from A+ is allowed. I can't find the link to eligibility rules.

Any info anyone has or simply suggestions/discussion on who the Reds should send would be great.