Kip Gross (46)- 6-4, 3.47 for the 1991 Reds.

Neil Fiala (54)- Acquired from St. Louis for Doug Bair. For some reason, I recall that he was supposed to be a good bunter, but as he only had two ABs for the Reds he didn't have much chance to prove it.


Brett Gardner (28)

Tim Salmon (43)

Cal Ripken Jr. (51)

Hal Griggs -Obscure Senator pitcher mentioned here only for his career record of 6-26.

Hank Gowdy -Star of the 1914 "Miracle" Boston Braves, and as I recall, the first major leage player to serve in World War One.

Harry Hooper -Member, with Tris Speaker and Duffy Lewis, of Boston's "Million Dollar Outfield". I always get him confused with Harry Heilman.