Darrell Johnson- The pennant-winning '61 Reds had an open wound in their lineup at catcher all season. Johnson was brought in in August, but wasn't much help. Later, of course, he became famous as the Red Sox manager.


Justin Upton (24) -Both the Upton kids were August babies.

Gary Matthews Jr. (37) -I didn't put Little Sarge in with the Reds, even though he was in the organization for a bit.

Doug Glanville (41)

Albert Belle (45) -Anyone know what he's up to these days?

Oddibe McDowell (49) -Remember when the next great outfield in the majors was going to be the Texas threesome of Incaviglia, McDowell and Sierra?

Rollie Fingers (65)

Choo Choo Coleman- Classic interview exchange:

Interviewer: "So tell me, Clarence, how did you get the nickname 'Choo Choo'?"

Coleman: "I have no idea"