I figure I would start a new thread but if you want to merge it then go ahead.

I am in a 13 (yea 13) team keeper league. You can keep up to 4 people, 3 is the minimum and if you only keep 3 you get a draft pick a round earlier. I came in 3rd last season so I draft 11th and it is a regular draft, not a fantasy snake draft. So basically I pick 11th, 22nd, etc. You start QB, RB, 2 WR, Flex, TE, K, DST.

Anyway here is my quandary. I have 5 keepers for 4 slots. My 3 untouchable keepers are

Matt Ryan
Steven Jackson

My other two are the ones I am struggling with who to keep.

Vincent Jackson
Miles Austin

All along I was leaning towards Jackson but I see Austin is ranked quit a bit ahead of him in all the fantasy rankings I see. The issues I am having are

Rivers > Romo

Witten and Bryant will likely take catches away from Jackson while Jackson only has Gates.

I kept Jackson all season last year and am thinking his lower rating is based upon an 11 game holdout.

Any suggestions. FWIW I am trying to parlay one of those WR's into an earlier draft pick.