Sorry this is late; kind of a nutty day...


Tom Shearn (34) -Nice human interest story which you all probably know; career minor leaguer finally gets shot in the bigs with hometown team and goes 3-0.

Darren Lewis (44) -Came to Reds with in Deion Sanders trade; the Reds also acquired Burba and Portugal (the pitcher, not the country...)

Joel Youngblood (60) -1970 2nd-round draft choice of the Reds, ended up spending only the very beginning and very end of a long career in Cincy.

Lou Piniella (68)


Tommy Hansen (25)

Ron Guidry (61) -His 1978 season crosses the line from "great" to "are-you-freaking-kidding-me"...

Mike Torrez (65) Facially he always reminded me a little of Joe Torre, which is not a compliment. Best remembered for two things he'd rather forget: beaning Dickie Thon and giving up the famous Bucky Dent homer.

Charlie Grimm -Looooong career as player and manager without, if you don't mind my saying so, being particularly good at either job. Nicknamed "Jolly Cholly"...