Pat Watkins (38)

Rich Aurilia (40) -Wonder how the wife's singing career is going...

Jeff Russell (50) Pride of Wyoming H.S. and father of James Russell

Mel Behney (64) -All I remember about Mel is that he came through the system at about the same time as Milt Wilcox, and I kept getting them confused. As it turned out, the difference was that Milt could actually pitch a little. Mel was eventually traded away in a deal for two veteran bench players: Phil Gagliano and Andy Kosco.


Rex Hudler (51)

Drungo Larue Hazewood (52) -I just put him on the list because of his ultracool name.

Danny Goodwin (58) -#1 overall pick in the draft on two occasions, which I'm sure most of you already knew.

Marv Throneberry
-Marvelous Marv!

Al Spalding -The game was a little different back in Al's time; he pitched 617 innings in the 1874 season.