Paul Householder (53) -Handed the Reds RF job in 1982, and, well, there's no nice way to talk about what happened next. Hung around a bit, was eventually traded to the Cards for John Stuper.


Mike Piazza (43) -I believe he's eligible for the HOF next year, and he should coast in no problem.

Frank White (61) -A Brandon Phillips comp? I haven't done the research, that's just off the top of my head...

Doyle Alexander (61) -Oft-traded righthander; including the famous deal for John Smoltz. Won 17 in back-to-back seasons in Toronto.

Ken Harrelson (70) -Tried to be baseball's answer to Joe Namath for a while; also tried to be a GM. Unconvincing in either role.

Eddie Waitkus -Inspiration for the novel The Natural, and eventually for the movie, although by that time the story had wandered a long way from the facts.