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I am never to overly confident on much but I am 100% sure your wrong. Irsay is a business owner, he knows in 3 years Manning will likely be done. His business will not be making nearly as much money three years from now if the Colts have to start over without a franchise QB. With Luck, the Colts may take their lumps the next year or two but for the long haul of ten years or so the Colts should be a top notch NFL contendor and Irsay will rake in the profits. Yea the fans will cry if Manning is sent packing, I am sure many will turn in their season tickets in disgust but at the end of the day when the Colts are back on top with Luck, the fans will be back. Polian while he does have a bad record recently is a HOF GM. He knows building around a franchise QB like Luck will get you to the SB quicker than sitting around waiting for a 36 year old QB with 3 neck surgeries to retire so you can start over.

I mean can anyone see Bill Polian, Jim Irsay and the rest of the Colts brass sitting around a table all talking about how scared to death they are of ending up with the #1 pick?? I can't see them all cheering a #2 or #3 pick as opposed to a #1 pick so they don't have to make a tough decision the fans don't like. These are football men and business men, what the fans think is of little importance to them.
Again I hope you are right, I just think that Irsay does not want to be the man that cuts the man who saved the franchise and brought him a Super Bowl. I think they want the top pick but do not want to have to decide on Manning.