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Cart has barreled down the hill and the horse is still on top re: Vidal here. There are 2 guys in front of him who are going to get a shot before he does, if he ever does. Francisco is 1st in line, and his ceiling is high. Then HRod, who's playing 3B this winter. I wouldn't kick either to the curb just yet.
I personally do not want to give up on either HRod or Francisco yet. However, I don't really see too much of a problem challenging Vidal in AA. Francisco is likely to be in Cincinnati all of next year. If not, he will be playing 3B for Louisville either way.

Also, as far as I knew, while HRod can play 3B, he is still seen more as a 2B.

Considering Phillips may no longer be a Red in 2012, I see no reason to move HRod to 3B full-time. If the Reds do extend Phillips and he is now "blocked," there is still the likelihood that Francisco will be in the bigs and 3B will be open for HRod.

Since Rolen hasn't done too much since the first half of 2010, I think the Reds need to generate as many viable alternatives as possible relating to candidates for 3B in 2013. Therefore, the Reds should challenge Vidal in AA.

I don't think pushing Vidal is going to take away from Francisco and/or HRod. Francisco will likely get his audition this year in the bigs on Rolen's off days. HRod will be getting regular ABs in AAA, either at 3B or 2B and Vidal should be facing stiff competition to give him a chance to play in the bigs in 2013.