Jimmy Haynes (38)

Jeff Brantley (48) -Wonder whatever happened to him?

Tim Birtsas (50) -Happy 50th to the Bird. Traded along with Jose Rijo twice: from Yankees to A's and then from A's to Reds. Released in 1990 despite a 3.86 ERA. Was he hurt? I don't remember. At any rate, that was the end of his career.

Others (All second basemen today):

Bill Mazeroski (74) -"Maz" is his listed nickname, but I always liked his other nicknamed, derived from the way he turned the double play; "No Touch".

Max Bishop -A small guy who drew a ton of walks and ended up with a career OBP over .420.

Nap Lajoie - Like Cy Young, his career lies partly in the 19th century and partly in the 20th. It's hard to get a grip on how great he really was, but an educated guess would be that he was pretty great.