Today's picking are as lush as yesterday's were sparse...


Todd Coffey (31) -Come back, Coffeybro; we miss you!

Joey Hamilton (41) -When you think of stinko Reds pitchers of the first part of this decade, here is a name that sould be preeminent.

Tom Foley (52)

Jay Ward (73) -The 1970 utility man, not the producer of "Rocky & Bullwinkle".

Waite Hoyt -Great, great radio announcer of my childhood. A HOF pitcher too, although he was aided greatly by pitching for the Yankee juggernauts.


Edwin Jackson (28)

Todd Ziele (46) -Is he still married to the ex-Olympic gymnast?

Alvin Davis (51)

Earl Averill (73) -The younger, and lesser, Earl Averill.

Hugh Mulcahy -His nickname was "Losing Pitcher" Mulcahy, which is kind of cruel, but heck, the man lost 76 games over a four-year span.

Frankie Frisch -Great second baseman; Bill James lambastes him in one of his books for using his position on the HOF Veteran's Committe to litter the HOF with his undeserving old cronies.

Frank Chance -His nickname was "The Peerless Leader", which is a lot better than "Losing Pitcher".