Keith Hughes (48) -Four ABs in 1993. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that I remembered that he was a Red.

Mike Roesler (48) -17 games pitched for the '89 Reds.

Scotti Madison (52) -Batted .173 for those same '89 Reds. 'Nuff said..


Pat Listach (44) -Remembered mainly for his quirky Rookie of the Year selection.

Mickey Lolich (70)

Albie Pearson (77) -At 5'5", he was to short what Mickey Lolich was to fat.

Stan Lopata (86)

Andy Seminick -It's funny that Lopata and Seminick shared a birthday, since they shared the Phillies catching job for so many years.

Charlie Keller -Since his nickname was "King Kong", I always pictured him as being this huge guy, but Baseball Reference has him listed at 5'10", 185. Something's wrong here...

Andy Seminick