Brandon Phillips 4
Drew Stubbs 8
Joey Votto 3
Yonder Alonso 7
Chris Heisey 9
Todd Frazier 5
Ryan Hanigan 2
Paul Janish 6
Homer Bailey 1
I have come to the sad realization that Dusty is bound and determined to put a crappy hitter in the two-hole. That's the way they did it when Dusty was a player, and he is pretty much stuck in a time warp. However, back then they at least put a crappy hitter in there that could handle the bat a little. Could make contact. Could take some pitches while the leadoff man
measured the pitcher and attempted a stolen base. Could hit to the right side. You could work the hit-and-run with. Sadly enough, Stubbs is lacking in all of these rudimentary skills. If he takes some pitches he will likely find himself in an 0-2 deathtrap. If he is asked to hit-and-run the end result is probably Brandon dusting himself off and jogging back to the dugout on a caught stealing. We are stuck with the toothpicked tactician this year, and likely next year as well.