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I don't think Stanford could match up with LSU athletically. I think they could out scheme LSU and if they got a lead it could be an interesting game but I just don't see it.

Okie State may just be the best match up. Better overall talent than Oregon, and can score points in bunches.

I think Boise would end up a lot like a Stanford game. I don't think they have the horses to play with LSU.

The best match up may just be a one loss Oklahoma, even with Broyles out. They have the best talent out there to match up with LSU and have a top tier QB.
I agree that Stanford and Boise don't have the horses so to speak, but they do have the QBs. If the lines could give Luck or Moore time (which is a big if) I think they are both so accurate they could really test LSU.

Okie State doesn't play defense. Every time one of these high scoring offenses run into a phyiscal defense they rarely win.

I think Oklahoma and actually Wisconsin match up well, but neither has a chance to play for it so doesn't really matter.