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Alabama beat everyone on their schedule except LSU, in which they took to overtime.

No one else had a better argument except LSU, because they beat everyone on their schedule.

At the end of the day, I think people are more upset because they don't like the style of play between the two teams rather than thinking someone else was one of the best two teams in the country.
Oklahoma St. Would argue they would:

Their schedule:
Big 12 was the Sagarin #1 rated conference almost throughout the season.
Beat 6 bowl teams and that was just their conference schedule. Alabama beat 3 teams with winning records (before the bowl, didn't play Georgia or Spurrier Ball the only 2 teams in the SEC East worth a crap this year).
DOMINATED #13 Oklahoma to offset any bump from Alabama beat Arkansas.

Lost on the road who had 6 losses all to ranked teams, Alabama lost at home.

Alabama had already played LSU and lost. You penalized LSU by making them play an additional game and then again by playing a team they already beat during the season, since that is "suppose" to be the playoff according to the BcS defenders.

To say no one else had a resume that merited being in the BcS title game is wrong.