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This is definately a guy that Bama needs to "watch out" for.... He makes money on the players and seems to thrive on the cheaply bought nobility he gets from the association... He's exactly the type of booster that causes the special benefits problems and a letter from Bama really isn't going to be enough to brush it under the rug if he gets caught doing something... they've been on probation too much and the NCAA has been ramping up their punishments.

The guy seems like a shyster all around:
Definitely agree that Alabama would be wise to watch out for Albetar, but the article itself is really weak. Of course kids are going to go sign for money once their eligibility is up-- if you're (likely) not getting paid and wanted some extra cash, wouldn't you know where to get it?

It's not illegal, after all, even by NCAA standards to do so.

Too, it's not illegal, as per NCAA standards, for Albetar to contact said players to ask if they wanted a job after their eligibility is up.

As to the second article, meh. Sour grapes about autographs, for God's sake. From his own recap:

* My son disappointed in his chance to meet Trent Richardson.
* I am disappointed in the quality of my prize for waiting for 3 hours and dropping $300.
* There was no interaction with the players we were paying to get autographs from, or very little.
* There were not enough items to purchase for autographs in stock.
* The event started late making it seem like things were more rushed than it should have been.
* I felt as if I paid to be treated as if we were an inconvenience to the players and store staff.