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No Saban lost UAB his first year with LSU and also to Louisiana-Monroe his first year with Alabama. You can bet Saban wasn't after either lose.. If JLS comes out and doesn't make excuses, he survives. His comments after halftime of the Alabama game also sealed his fate. When the reporter asked what changes would be made for the 2nd half & he answered.."Just keep doing what we're doing"(not his exact words)..Really coach..What you did in the 1st half opened up a "can of whoop a.." for your players.. It was clear he was in over head.
JS is done as the Arkansas coach. Hog fans thought this was their year to win a National Championship and when Petrino flamed out, JS was specifically brought in to run the offense like a Petrino clone. I can't think of a single compelling reason for why Arkansas would extend JS into a permanent HC.