I had hoped to see the new version today but decided to wait until my 21-year-old son has the time to see it with me. My wife has no desire to see the violence, and I was about my son's age when I saw the original back in 1971.

Has anyone else seen the original. My friends and I from 40 years ago must have seen it five or six times. It was a Sam Peckinpah movie so it had a violent climax. But it was more than violence that kept us going back to see it. The sexy and beautiful Susan George had a lot to do with it, but the story was an interesting study of human nature. We enjoyed debating man's territorial nature and penchant for violence...both topics relevent during the Viet Nam War era...especially among young college boys.

Anyway, I hope the remake is not a disappointment. I will probably have to wait until next week to see it because of my son's busy schedule.

Btw, the original left us (and me to this day) with lots of unanswered questions.