Bumping this thread to see if we can come up with a solid list now.

First The Pitchers:

Chad Reineke has already opted for Free Agency. Tim Hamulack and Tyree Hayes have already been released.

Other pitchers who seem to be FA


Others in question would seem to be Ruben Medina who was an IFA in 2004 and Doug Salinas who was an IFA in July of 2005. I think that both are FA. the 2006 guys like Tanner, Webb, Hynick and McCulloch are not FA if I understand it.

On the poistion player side, besides Corky Miller who is on this list every year


Others in question would be Jose Gauldron and Carlos Mendez who were both signed as IFA in February of 2005 and Miguel Rojas who was an IFA signed in November of 2005. I'm guessing that Mendez and Gauldron are FA and Rojas is not.

My question is about guys who have already been FA but don't have the service time. Quentin Berry and Clayton Tanner are examples of guys the Reds signed as FA. From a year entered standpoint, I don't think these guys are eligible, but I'm thinking once they've been FA, they are eligible but that could be completely wrong. I'd like to have both of those guys back next year (especially Tanner) and wonder about their status.

Anyone with info, lets see if we can get a complete list that we all agree is correct.