Troy Afenir (48) Went 6 for 34 as a backup catcher in '92.

Jerry Zimmerman -The '61 Reds might have had the worst catching corps of any pennent winner ever. Jerry was part of that.


Antonio Bastardo (26) -My favorite name among active players.

Cecil Fielder (48)

Aurelio Lopez -"Senor Smoke" passed away in 1992 at age 44.

Sam McDowell (69) Happy birthday to "Sudden Sam".

Elden Auker -Submarining right-hander who had some good years for Detroit and Boston. Once called the best all-around athlete in the history of Kansas State University; he won nine varsity letter there. Wrote his memoirrs a few years ago; I haven't read them but they're supposed to be pretty good. Has anyone read them?