From another thread...

I'm talking absolute vitriol. Hate, even.

Who's the worst?

In 2005, GQ said WVU, tOSU, Duke, and Minnesota made the top (bottom?) ten, along with Maryland, FSU, and Colorado. The only SEC team to make it is Vandy. (Apathy counts here.)

Last year, they came back with a total worst fans list which included professional teams. (Oddly, Cardinal fans didn't make it.) Only five college teams were mentioned: Maryland, WVU, Penn State football, LSU football, and Duke basketball. Wisconsin and Oredon made the dishonorable mention.

Husker Locker counts Penn State, Notre Dame, UT, Mizzou, USC, and South Carolina in their top ten (along with the aforementioned top four-- WVU, Ohio State, Duke, and Minnesota).

What say ye, Redszone? Whose fans make you scream redrum while rolling around in your bigwheel?