yes. I'm 43 and i read comics.

past that, we are three weeks into DC's reboot: The New 52.

It's awful. generally. Everything that happened in Batman is cannon... well, most everything. Selina doesn't know he is Bruce, but other than that... all cannon. The continuity is all wonkythe JLA is just now forming. Superman is both just starting out and is an established hero. The Legion seems completely unaffected... and worse they seem to still have a complete history with Superman/boy.

Deadman looks good as does Gotham Knights (Vandal Savage is a good guy... kinda) The ramped up the sex in batman while turning Guy Gardner into a shell of his former self in JLI... He's still Guy in GLC though.

This reboot has succeded in getting me to look at BOOM!, Dynamite, Image, Dark Horse and TopCow. I mean if I have to learn new characters all over they might as well be interesting.