Miguel Perez (28) -Three plate appearances in 2005.

Tony Womack (42) -Controversial 2006 acquisition, as veteran RedsZoners will remember.

David Weathers (42) Happy birthday, Stormy...I bet you could still get people out. He just couldn't start- look at the numbers- but was as consistent a reliever as you could hope for.

Reggie Jefferson (43) -Came up with the Reds, then was traded to Cleveland in a regrettable deal for Tim Costo.


Rocco Baldelli (30) -I guess he's done... sad situation.

Steve Arlin (66) - Ohio State product who spent most of his career stuck on bad San Diego teams. In 1972 he pitched a one-hitter, three two-hitters, and had a 3.60 ERA, and still went 10-21. He became a dentist during his playing days, and I hope that went well for him.

Phil Rizzuto

Johnny Sain -Better remembered as a great pitching coach, but he was a great pitcher, too.