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Well, the problem I see is that you're trying to add to Bautista to create a great 3-4 combination. The problem is that we'd want Bautista in return.

We do need pitching, but it seems like your GM is trying to build a good young nucleus of starting pitching, so I doubt he gives much of it up.

Votto isn't even 30, and will probably win a batting title someday along with hitting 35 HR's and knocking in 120+ rbi. He is that good. If his numbers seem down it's because he doesn't have a Ryan Braun or Matt Holliday behind him to protect him. Thus he lead the NL in walks. Opposing pitchers avoid pitching to Joey like the plague. Seriously.

I'd like to hear who you'd propose to trade for Votto?
Not sure who I would want-just not familiar enough with who they have in system, but I personally dont want Bautista.