Calvin Pickering (34) Only a Red for a brief time, but still unforgettable. Wonder what he looks like now that he's been out of the game a while and had the chance to get out of shape?

Harry Steinfedt -Spent the first eight years of his career in Cincy before becoming the third baseman in the Tinker-Evers-Chance infield.


Heath Bell (34)

Jake Westbrook (34)

Rob Deer (51)
If Rob Deer can play regularly in the majors for a long time, surely Drew Stubbs can too...

Steve Busby (62) Pitched two no-hitters before his 25th birthday, but couldn't keep his arm intact.

Mike McCormick (73) The NL Cy Young Award winner in 1967, much to everyone's surprise. The first Giant pitcher to win that award.