They played the game like professionals this year, after they got rid of some toxic ex-Reds from last year. LaRussa deserves Manager of the Year.

The Reds, of course, decided to end the season a little early. Unentertaining, unprofessional play. Dusty blames injuries. The Cards had it much worse than the Reds: lost Wainwright, Friese out for 3 months, Pujols hideous start along with contract hoo-hah. No closer. The Reds, with the best talent in the division, folded-up easy again... I blame Castellini--his dogged holding on to Dusty is KILLING this team. I hope the season ticket buyers flee, and bite him in the butt for it.

The only game plan the Reds seem to ever put into play is "flail and hurl." There are some players who take a professional approach: Votto, Rolen, Phillips, and a few others, but the rest of the team is a wreck. A well managed team will beat the Reds consistently, no matter what the talent.