My daughter, in college, is renting a house that has no phone line or cable physically installed within the house. They aren't worried about getting cable TV, but do want internet. The only service available (small town college) is AT&T DSL. She called AT&T and explained to the rep their situation. I thought she was going to have to run a phone line to the house in order to get DSL, but the rep said that was not necessary. She is mailing them a "self install" kit. They are still going to have to purchase a modem and wireless router though.

I called AT&T to get greater details, and the rep gave the names of several routers I could buy, and recommended a 2Wire, model # 2701HBG, which is a combination modem and router. I found some good deals on Amazon, but before I buy one I wanted to ask (make sure) their situation was right for this set-up.

Would appreciate any input. Thanks.