I think Heisey is ready but I like Sappelt in LF also just because I believe he is a solid leadoff option which again is a place where we suffered this season until Brandon started playing there. I just am not a big Alonso fan right now, I know he hit well but I am not ready to believe that can continue, seemed to me Dusty did a shrewd job of playing him against guys he could be successful against. Maybe he can hit at the major league level though but his fielding is clearly an issue and even if he improves I don't ever expect him to do it well enough not to be a liability out there.

How about Stubbs to KC for Gordon, KC needs that kind of athleticism in CF badly I know they have Cain but I believe even with the K's Stubbs has more offensive ability. You let Sappelt play CF, Gordon in LF, Bruce in RF and Heisey roams. Heck we might be able to expand such a deal to include Escobar and Soaria. Maybe even include a team like Tampa (Upton) or the White Sox (Quentin) etc.