Mike Morgan (51) One of the rare pitchers to pitch in four different decades; his Reds stint was '96 and '97.

Donie ("Ownie") Bush -Good shortstop for the Tigers in the dead-ball era; managed a very bad Reds team in 1933. Long-time coach and manager in the majors and minors. Managed Ted Williams in the minors one year and Ted's average jumped up 75 points. Williams said in 1972 that he had more affection for Bush than anyone he'd met in baseball. Bush Stadium, the former home of the Indianapolis Indians, was named for him.


Enos Cabell (62) Bill James was pretty rough on him in the old Baseball Abstracts, but he must have had strong intangibles- I know Sparky thought highly of him when he managed him.

Wally Moses -Line-drive-hittling OF for the Philadelhia A's in the '30s and '40s, known for the weird out-of-context seasons he'd occasionally put up. Examples: He hit 27 home runs in 1937, but never hit more than 9 in any other year (and he played for two decades). He stole 56 bases in 1943; his career high otherwise was 21. You never knew exactly what you were going to get with Wally.